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The Codima Executive Team

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Christer Mattsson, Chief Executive Officer

Christer is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Codima. An energetic business leader known for his entrepreneurial achievements, Christer has over 20 years of experience in the networking and hi-tech industry and brings with him a successful track record of creating start-ups and bringing new products to market.

Phil Friend, Chief Technical Officer

Phil is the chief design architect and 'ideas' man behind the Codima product range. He has over 25 years experience in both the software and hardware technologies of networks and network management products, designing and developing a number of innovative test and management products. He is a co-founder of Codima.

Alfonso Knoll, President Corporate Business Development

Alfonso is the managing partner of Terra Silex Holdings LLC, a private PA venture capital company. He currently serves as a director/ board member of several public companies. Previously employed by Morgan Stanley and First Union Securities, Alfonso has served as the principle investor and chief executive of multiple public projects.

Trevor Roberts, Chief Financial Officer

Trevor is a FCA and the Chief Financial Controller at Codima. Prior to joining Codima, Trevor was an accountant with Grant Thornton and a partner in the award winning accounting firm, Wingrave Yeats where he held positions as finance partner and a key member of the management team. He has served as chairman of the supervisory board of ECOVIS, the international network for accounting firms.

Ralph Dwek, Financial Controller

Ralph, a Financial Controller with more than 20 years experience in small and medium sized, but growing, businesses. As financial controller he has been responsible for all financial functions in the organization, specifically setting quality performance standards, monitoring results, and overseeing the administration of European Community projects. He has also managed both short term and long term Investment portfolios.

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