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Codima delivers sophisticated, fully integrated and automated network management tools for data and voice over IP (VoIP) networks that are easy to use and cost efficient.

Our customers use our Toolboxes to discover, inventory, map and monitor IT networks and in pre- and post-deployment of VoIP to optimize asset use, reduce costs and ensure technology investments deliver a return-on-investment to the business.

Our customers choose us because:

  • We automate manual tasks
    • Codima automatically inventories & maps even remote network sites without the need to manually walk the site
    • Codima automatically generates network diagrams in Visio®
    • We lower set-up, installation & training costs
  • Codima is feature rich, it would take 5 separate point products to deliver the same capabilities
    • Engineers can troubleshoot quickly using the complete set of features and functions from the Toolbox
    • Codima runs out of the box minimizing set-up time and administration
  • We are Enterprise Ready
    • Codima Toolboxes are powered by a world-class algorithm that maps even the most complicated enterprise networks with ease
  • We provide the easiest and most flexible Visio® network mapping solution on the market today
    • Visio®, probably the world’s most recognized and used diagramming tool and Codima are uniquely integrated to offer the best of Visio® functionality in the Toolboxes
    • Generating accurate and up to date network diagrams for network healthchecks or auditing becomes effortless

Our Discovery, Inventory, Mapping, Network Monitoring & Network Management Solutions for Data & VoIP:
Codima Toolbox All In One Codima IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox Codima IT Engineer Toolbox Codima VoIP Readiness Toolbox Codima VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox

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