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Simplifying End-to-End Network Management

Codima Toolbox All In One

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Time starved and cost conscious, IT departments struggle to manage increasingly complex networks.

The Codima Toolbox All In One is a powerful and fully integrated toolset that simplifies network management by enabling data and VoIP network to be managed through a single console. This Toolbox offers:
  • Automated network inventory and network maps generated in Microsoft Office® Visio®
  • Real time network monitoring and troucbleshooting made easy
  • Evaluation of a network for VoIP installation
  • Real-time monitoring and trouble shooting for all kinds of VoIP networks
In addition, a common reports system, an alarm and events system and a consistent GUI and methodology means that this network management solution is more cost-efficient to implement and use. The features and functions in the All-In-One Toolbox is equivalent to purchasing 5 separate products from other vendors.
  Codima IT Engineer Toolbox  
Codima IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox Codima Toolbox All In One Codima VoIP Readiness Toolbox
  Codima VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox  
The Codima Toolbox All In One includes:

Codima IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox
Track and map any IT network simply and quickly with direct visualization in Microsoft® Office Visio®

Codima IT Engineer Toolbox
Real-time network performance monitoring with bottleneck, path, protocol and passive diagnosis

Codima VoIP Readiness Toolbox
Save time and avoid unexpected costs by evaluating if a network can handle IP Telephony installation

Codima VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox
Monitor Quality of Service and troubleshoot SIP and Cisco Skinny networks all in real time.


What you'd get in Codima Toolbox All-In-One:
  • Powerful, automated & fully integrated management tools for data & VoIP Networks
  • One Click Management and clear dashboards make it easy to navigate
  • Accurate IT asset inventory using current network asset information obtained from network devices
  • Granular visualization in Microsoft® Office Visio® of entire ‘live’ network and bottlenecks
  • Continuous scanning of network devices to collect performance data to find bottlenecks
  • Seamless and rigorous VoIP readiness testing
  • Facilities to test multiple paths in parallel using different test patterns
  • VoIP management through monitoring and QoS measurement ensures good call quality experience for end users
  • Facilities to identify and prioritize problems and errors in real time for easy troubleshooting
  • 24/7 QoS Tracking using a comprehensive set of tools to provide analysis globally, by path, by phone or by user defined phone groups
  • Comprehensive, context sensitive help facility with direct access to Tutorials
  • Real time live views providing a clear and accurate picture of loading, priority, frames size and ICMP trends
  • Comprehensive real time protocol analysis tool with sophisticated pre- and post-capture filtering capabilities
  • Historical statistical trend reports in Word on demand or scheduled daily, weekly, monthly
  • Quick export of History Charts and Report pages to HTML
  • Global Alarm system reports device failures and threshold breaches
Enjoy the benefits of the Codima All-In-One Toolbox:
  • A single management solution that takes care of both data and VoIP networks
  • Simple and easy to use with clear dashboards and diagnostics
  • Feature-rich and takes the place of 5 separate point products
  • Offers the complete set of tools, fully integrated, including the IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox, IT Engineer Toolbox, VoIP Readiness Toolbox and VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox
  • Unique Microsoft Office® Visio® capabilities built-in to the product make this the easiest and most flexible network diagramming solution available
  • Built-in Automated Correlation Engine (ACE) provides expert analysis for easy problem solving by analyzing history charts and identifying correlations in the data gathered which can identify for e.g., the source of overloads or ping storms
  • Comprehensive set of alarm alerts lets you know when problems arise and automated root cause analysis saves time when troubleshooting
  • Unified reporting capabilities, which captures and correlates data from across all the Toolboxes for easy review
  • Manages all kinds of VoIP networks

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