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Real-time Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Codima IT Engineer Toolbox

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Network health checks keep business critical networks running smoothly and minimizes expensive downtime.

The Codima IT Engineer Toolbox provides real time network monitoring and analysis to ease the pain of performing regular health checks. Troubleshooting is made easy as bottlenecks are quickly identified in real time using color highlighted links and traffic links in Visio® network diagrams. Borderline cases are also highlighted so you can be proactive about solving problems before they have an impact on business critical network.

View Demo - Network Mapping in Visio®

What you'd get in Codima IT Engineer Toolbox:
  • Granular visualization in Microsoft® Office Visio® of entire ‘live’ network and bottlenecks
  • Automatically create poll lists from information in the discovery database
  • Continuous scanning of network devices to collect performance data to find bottlenecks
  • Network Problem Visualization finds bottlenecks in the network path that might affect data and VoIP traffic flow showing failure patterns and root causes, provides long term response time patterns
  • Live Views show traffic trends associated with the devices that have bottlenecks
  • Historical statistical trend reports for monitored devices and ports provided in Word on demand or scheduled daily, weekly, monthly. History charts and report pages can be quickly exported to HTML
  • Global Alarm system reports device failures and threshold breaches
Enjoy the benefits of the Codima IT Engineer Toolbox:
  • Save Time and Resources through automation
  • A truly Enterprise-ready solution for today's complex networks
  • Easy to implement as network topology information is already available through the IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox which is fully integrated with the IT Engineer Toolbox
  • Provides real-time view of network connections, making it easier to share information and problem solve with colleagues working remotely
  • Minimize downtime with our real time monitoring and troublshooting capabilities which allows you to be proactive and solve any issues before they have a chance to affect business-critical networks
  • Has a simple and easy to use interface for creating polling policy
  • Fast and easy problem-solving as bottlenecks can quickly be identified in Visio® network diagrams

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