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Generate Network Maps Quickly & Easily in Microsoft® Office Visio®

Codima IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox

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Network inventory and mapping is increasingly important to businesses especially when cost efficiencies have to be identified. By bringing visibility to any network, wasted resources can be eliminated.

With the Codima IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox, generating up to date network diagrams need not be a chore. Using a world-class algorithm, it maps even the most complex networks without getting into a tangle. It discovers and maps remote networks from a central location, saving time and travel costs. Unlike other solutions, we have Microsoft Office® Visio® functionality built in to the toolbox so network diagrams can be generated directly in Visio® hassle-free.

View Demo - Network Maps in Visio®

What you'd get in the IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox:
  • Accurate IT asset inventory using current network asset information obtained from network devices
  • Granular visualization in Microsoft® Office Visio® of entire ‘live’ network - View the Demo
  • Scheduling facilities for automatic topology drawing and asset report production
  • Asset Reports by Vendor, Device Type and Subnet
  • Asset Report covering Port Usage
  • Asset Report covering Modular devices
  • Comprehensive real time protocol analysis tool with sophisticated pre- and post-capture filtering capabilities
  • Historical statistical trend reports in Word on demand or scheduled daily, weekly, monthly
  • Quick export of History Charts and Report pages to HTML
Enjoy the benefits of the Codima IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox:
  • Save Time and Resources through automation
  • A truly Enterprise-ready solution for today's complex networks
  • Remote discovery of branch office networks becomes a lot easier and can be done as frequently as required
  • Easy to share network information across the organization as network topography can be output as .csv, .html, or as a Visio® diagram
  • Less human intervention required as network diagrams are directly generated in Microsoft Office® Visio®
  • The flexibility to preserve manual layout changes made to the Visio® diagrams even when new discoveries are run makes it less time consuming to generate new network diagrams regularly

View Demo - Network Maps in Visio®

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