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Codima VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox

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Manage VoIP Easily for Crystal Clear IP Telephony

Codima VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox

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Managing call quality is an important part of IP telephony. Improving call quality not only reduces expensive downtime but also boosts the user experience and leads to better adoption and usage rates.

The Codima VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox delivers easy to use core VoIP management for SIP and Cisco Skinny networks to monitor Qualtiy of Service (QoS) and troubleshoot VoIP networks in real time. The Toolbox's intuitive troubleshooting capabilities prioritizes and identifies the most pertinent errors first, for instance, those which are critical or which are currently affecting users. This makes it easy to troubleshoot and maintain a high call quality experience for the users.
What you'd get in the VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox:
  • Seamless and rigorous VoIP readiness testing with reports automatically generated in Microsoft Word
    • Gives the Engineer the information he needs to ensure the phone deployment will not exceed the carrying capacity of links and starve data traffic
    • Establishes the acceptable Phone limit for the path under test
  • Can run multiple tests over a single path, using different test patterns
  • Testing can be applied to two different Codec at the same time, to allow the effect of different packet sizes associated with different Codec to be examined in a single test
  • Testing can be applied to two different Diff Serv values at the same time, to allow for VoIP and non VoIP loading to be sent at the same time
  • Can run tests over multiple paths at the same time
  • Control operations over multiple customer networks remotely
  • Granular visualization in Microsoft® Office Visio® of entire ‘live’ network
Enjoy the benefits of the Codima VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox:
  • No fuss - runs out of the box
  • Manages all SIP & Cisco Skinny VoIP Networks
  • Simple to use diagnostics and console
  • Is a self-contained Toolbox where data is gathered by active and passive analysis rather than relying on external phone logs which could be erroneous
  • Extensive call logging facility and ability to search within the call logging facility makes troubleshooting a lot easier
  • Uses Passive Monitoring on all IP phones and calls in a network without any additional network overhead, to calculate the ‘R’ factor based on variables such as jitter and delay
  • Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting with intuitive capabilities prioritizing critical errors first


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