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Frequently asked questions and answers

Somebody that initiates or introduces business or services to Codima Sample areas; 



People to hire


Prospect lists
Copy writers
To refer clients/service providers, you must register with Codima. Complete this form. Here you must input your first name, last name and the country of residence (if you represent a company/corporation please fill all of the necessary invoicing details). When someone who has been introduced by an affiliate to Codima then the affiliate earns commission on the sales or based on the services provided. Learn more from Terms of Affiliate Program.
We track our referrals through cookies. Learn more.
Please go send an mail to [email protected] requestion the info

We offer a discount to educational organizations and non-profit NGO’s. Please contact us for details.

You earn money once the customer, reseller, distributor pays for a product or service or if Codima purchase services or employ’s resources as a result of introduction by the affiliate.

To be paid your commission/fee send the details to [email protected] before the end of each calendar month.
Each payment is proceeded on the 15th day of each month. For example to get your fee paid on 15th of November you need to contact [email protected] before the 10th of November and Codima will pay what is owed per end off October. Owed means Codima has either received the payments from the customer/reseller/distributor or purchased the services from third party.
When you as an affiliate is owed money for your services then we need to issue a purchase order for you. For that reason we need at least your First Name, Last Name and a Country of residence. If you represent a company/corporation we will need all of your company tax information.
To cancel your account please email as at [email protected] Please state the reason of your cancelation.
There is only a max referral cut limit if that has been agreed with the affiliate.
There are six types of introductions:
  • Customers
  • Resellers 

  • People to hire
  • Prospect lists
  • Copywriters
  • Others
  • If you do not see a type that suits what you can provide then just choose “other” and explain for us.

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