You can’t protect what you don’t know you have. Learn why IT Discovery is a critical first step in every Cyber Security program.

Solution: Check if Software Patches Have been Applied

The system Discovers Software, Patches and Anti-Virus automatically. The SW and Security tab focusses the product on this area and setup Filters and Analytics to concentrate on this aspect.
Now we set a filter matching a specific patch to see which devices have been updated. Extra field matches could have been set to say match a particular Branch Office.

Solution: Look for Missing and Unwanted Software Running over the Network

The system creates a live List of violations.

Solution: Show New Devices in a Sequential Discovery

Codima Toolbox keeps track of sequential discoveries of a named network. This allows comparisons to be made to check for new, and devices no longer present. This is shown on the Topology Maps in Compare Versions Mode.

Solution: Scan for MAC Address Matches to identify Rogue and Missing Equipment

The Codima Toolbox Filters can be used to match the first 3 bytes of a MAC address which identifies the equipment manufacturer. This may be useful. Matching the whole MAC address can identify known misplaced equipment. In this case we are tracking down a device with MAC 00670073945.

Solution: Look for Spyware like Protocol Analysers

Find potential threats from Passive Packet Capture Software like Win10Pcap using a Codima Toolbox Filter matching Software Name Win10Pcap.

Solution: Check Windows Security Logs from a Central Location

Examine Windows Logs quickly and in one place. Sort and Filter within the Grid