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A Centralized ITAM : All Your Asset Info in 1 Place

Solution: We are having problems with some PCs – Analyse the CPU Types

First, we focus Codima Toolbox on CPU details to see what CPUs are installed.

Here we analyse by CPU type – all look recent so probably OK.

Solution: Showing Live Updates on my Network Map without doing any Configuration

Codima Toolbox Discovers the Network and creates Web Maps. By setting one tick box, it will automatically configure monitoring and start monitoring the network using a standard rule set.

This Map shows a real fault domain discovered and displayed by Codima Toolbox, with zero setup and configuration by the user.

The Maps then show device failures live. No user configuration is required at all. Discovery to Maps and Monitoring in one totally automated step.
These live updated Maps also run live on remote probes typically in a multi-probe (sites) dashboard.

Solution: Document my Network using Visio

Simply run a Discovery to see Visio maps with multiple views such as Sub-Nets, Switch Infrastructure or Network Infrastructure for example. The Visio Maps system supplies industry standard Map documentation, a legal requirement in some regulatory regimes.