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The first step in protecting your network is understanding it

Leverage Codima Toolbox’s Network Maps to not only gain an understanding of the overall structure of your network but dive into the Port View to see exactly how your network infrastructure is configured.

Creating network diagrams manually can quickly become a never-ending task. That is why Codima Toolbox has a feature that automatically draws 13 different network diagrams for you right out of the gate, as soon as you complete your first Discovery. With these diagrams, you will immediately be able to see the entire structure of your network at a glance.

In Toolbox’s Web Maps feature you can select a switch and see an unrivalled depth of information about each of its ports. Most notably you can see what ports are currently being used and what devices are connected to them. This is extremely helpful information on-site, next to the box, or remotely. Now there is no need to ever have to follow an ethernet cable across the room to find what device is connected to it.

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