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Uninstalling Toolbox

Complete Uninstall – will delete existing discoveries/statistics and all other information for the Toolbox

This will destroy any existing discoveries or other information.

  1. Make sure to completely exit Toolbox on the Server by using the bottom system tray Blue Icon and select Exit

  2. Press the Windows key then type ODBC Data Sources (32-bit) and click Open (Marked below in yellow)

  3. Remove all System DSN’s associated with Toolbox.  This includes Codima and your discovery database names.
  4. Now open the Run window again by pressing Windows + R, then type Control Panel and press OK to open the Control Panel

  5. Under the heading Programs is the subheading Uninstall a program, click on it

  6. Now uninstall the following: 
    1. Bitnami WAMP Stack
    2. Codima Software
    3. Win10Pcap
  7. The final section is to delete the associated program folders that remain after uninstallation. Find all of these by opening the File Explorer, this can be done by pressing Windows + E on your keyboard.
  8. Navigate to This PC which is found on the left-hand side (as shown by the arrow labelled 1), then open the Local Drive, which is most commonly the drive named ‘C:’ (shown in the picture by the arrow labelled 2)
  9. Once the Local Drive has been opened locate and delete the folder named Bitnami
  10. Then open the folder Named Program Files (x86)
  11. Once there you will need to locate and delete both the file the named Codima, and the file named Win10Pcap
  12. Optional: You may also decide to delete the license for the software, do this by opening the Run window with the key combination Windows + R, Search for Documents and the file explorer will open. Now locate and delete the zip file named



These programs can block installation of Toolbox at many stages. It is highly advisable to turn off during installation. Some less well-known AV can lockup the PC during installs and should be replaced with well-known AV products. Many major AV programs allow the user to specifically White List Codima Software. Remember to turn on AV again after installation.

Windows Firewall

During the initial install Windows will ask the user if they want to allow programs like Apache, MySQL plus Toolbox programs through the Windows firewall, it is important to say yes. If there are later problems with Discovery or Polling the network devices, check in Windows Firewall Advanced Setting that Toolbox programs are not denied access.

Tip: If loading Toolbox and while logging in nothing is loading, please use Clear Cache and Hard Reset the software. See the steps below if you are unsure on how to do this.

  1. To clear your web browser’s cache, use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Delete, this will take you to the settings page where cache can be erased.
  2. After opening Toolbox and the software is not loading click on the button that reads Fully Reload Toolbox Software, marked in yellow below.

Now try reloading the page and logging in again, the software should now load.