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Keep Track of Your IT Assets without Agents

Codima Toolbox is a Network Discovery Tool that automatically creates an Inventory database of Hardware and Software assets in your network to help you keep track of all your IT assets in one place. To exploit the network audit, Codima Toolbox has a best-in-class Filtering and Analytics system just one click away. Hugely flexible and easy to understand with no limits on field types, including Custom Fields treated the same as standard fields, unlike other solutions.

The Need for an Enterprise View of the IT Inventory

One of the most time-consuming tasks for any IT professional is keeping up to date with all their network assets. By using Codima Toolbox you will no longer need to manually gather information about each network asset, Toolbox is one architecture in one scalable product allowing for Enterprises of all sizes. Once a Network Discovery has been completed you get, an accurate Enterprise view of your IT Inventory consisting of all your networks devices along with all software, which is created automatically.

Managed Devices

Codima Toolbox has the ability to manage devices of all types. The Discovery Engine collects information from all network assets that respond to a ping, devices such as PCs, Printer, Servers, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, etc. Toolbox uses information collection methods including SNMP, WMS, CSP, EDP, Alcatel Interswitch Discovery Protocol, LLDP, SIP Queries, and NetBIOS.

Categorization of Network Devices

Codima Toolbox helps you to categorize the network devices in your Inventory. You can categorize your network devices by the following means: Device Type, Device Name, IP address, Vendor, Location (can be as specific as the exact position in an equipment rack), and many more. You can even create custom fields that act in the exact same way as the predefined fields, allowing you to create immensely specific filtrations.

Scan Your Entire Network in Seconds

Keep Track of Your IT Assets

Codima Toolbox shows an extensive list of network device details taken from the Discovery Engine using SNMP and/or using WMI. The ITIL aspect of the product enables the user to add a host of extra details, such as detailed Location, Commercial details or modify the details from the Discovery Engine allowing you to effectively keep track of your IT stock.

Other tabs on the device drill down explore Interfaces, Hot Fixes, Installed Software, Anti-Virus status plus running Processes and Services.

Analysing and Summarising Network Asset Information

An important feature is the ability to select network assets manually or using Filters and then summarising say the number of devices in a matching room or maybe the Purchase price per Manufacturer or a Supplier. A single click opens the Analyse feature.
Below is an example of a Pie Chart created with Codima Toolbox. All graphs that Toolbox produces are dynamic, so hovering the graphs segments will provide you with additional information. You are also given a large range of graph types to choose from, allowing you to find the graph that suits your situation. All graphs have export capabilities to PDF and also a print option.

Filtering the Network Asset Database

Given the huge number of details that are collected by the system it is important to have an effective way to pick out sets of network assets matching specified criteria such as Location or Vendor for example. With Codima Toolbox, filtering the network-asset-database, allows you to narrow down any search in a very efficient way.

Custom Fields Support

Codima Toolbox supplies a large range of predefined fields, 32 to be exact, such as Location, Commercial and Maintenance, however Toolbox also supports up to 30 Custom Fields. These additional fields behave exactly the same as the built-in standard fields with no restrictions.
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