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Your network maps in all different views

Network Topology Maps are created automatically following the completion of a Network Discovery. The Web Map is drawn very quickly in the native browser graphics language SVG. The devices can be dragged around, and the connecting links follow in real time. The draw speed is milliseconds for medium size network maps and a second or two for very large network maps. Drag editing is equally fast.

Visualize Your Network

Codima Toolbox lets you visualize your IT infrastructure with its web-based maps, it also shows the relationships that exist between devices in your network, such as those used to manage virtual machines, wireless access points, and IP phones. Codima Toolbox uses intelligent methods to source connection and network topology information for use in any situation. Whether your network is wired, wireless, virtual, or a mix of all three, Toolbox automatically generates network maps that allow you to see everything in your network.

Never Create Network Maps by Hand Again

With Codima Toolbox there is never a need to create network maps by hand, and your Web Maps are always up to date with the latest Discovery results. Codima Toolbox automatically generates a large set of Web Map layouts in conjunction with Network Discoveries. You can also choose to create custom network maps to view any selection of devices you wish.

Automatically Updated Maps

Codima Toolbox automatically organizes all devices on a Web Map using its map layout algorithms to position all network devices in a logical way. You may also a reorganize Web Maps to suit your needs directly in the browser. By using Toolbox’s Discovery Scheduler feature, you can rest assured that all Web Maps are always up to date with your network.

Viewing Switch Port Connections

In Toolbox’s Web Maps feature you can select a switch and see an unrivaled depth of information about each of its ports. Most notably you can see what ports are currently being used and what devices are connected to them. This is extremely helpful information on-site next to the box, or somewhere remote. Now there is no need to ever have to follow an ethernet cable across the room to find what device is connected to it.

Network Topology

The Web Maps are drawn in native Vector Graphics by the Codima Toolbox. They are drawn extremely fast unlike Visio Maps which can take hours instead of less than a second for a large web map. Being pure web content, they can be shown on any browser with zero plugins required.

A multitude of network map layouts are created in conjunction with a Network Discovery, these network maps can either be viewed as a Web Map or in Visio. The extensive list of standard network map layouts that Toolbox offers can be seen below.

A Network Topology Format Layer 3 Map
There is an extensive set of standard network views available selected by a single click.

Scan Your Entire Network in Seconds

Precise VLAN Information

Once your Web Maps are drawn you are given the ability to precisely and accurately determine which devices are connected to specific VLANs. By opening the Port View of a switch you can see which ports are used for different Virtual LANs in your network along with the device that is connected to that ports. This gives you an otherwise unseen level of insight into how your network operates.

Live Network Monitoring

Toolbox’s SNMP monitoring is controlled through the Web Maps. Here, live information such as Network Traffic, CPU Load, Memory Usage, Response Time, and Availability can be viewed.
Manual polling options that are customized by the user are also displayed in the Web Maps.

Custom Network Views

The User can create their own network views by selecting network devices to show in the Web Map from a file tree, or by using the detailed ITIL Filter engine.

When mapping very large networks then it’s possible to select devices in the Web Map using ITIL or other Inventory details to filter the map content as shown.

Web Map Display Settings

Codima Toolbox’s maps in web have an array of sophisticated formatting capabilities that allow you to customize any network map to suit your needs.
Web Map image size can be changed in an instant with a per device type advanced autoscaling system to shrink minor items like Phones and scale up major devices. A map background can also be added, for instance an office floor plan or a geographical region.
Codima Toolbox’s maps in web can be edited directly IN BROWSER, even with large network maps. Drilldowns and user named submaps can be created quickly with an auto back link from the master map to the sub map.
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