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Track hardware, software and users without agents

This Network Discovery Tool, automatically creates a detailed Inventory of Software and Hardware and without using Agents. With a 17 years of development, the field proven discovery engine, discovers large and small networks automatically. The results are stored in a MySQL DBase facilitating direct customer access, it discovers old and recent devices using its extensive network protocol repertoire and huge device library. Multiple different networks can be discovered with historical versions, and stored and accessed individually.

Making Discoveries

After discovery these multiple databases can be selected in the Maps and ITIL features.

A user library of discoveries, including historical discovery versions, can be created and used by the Inventory and Maps features.

In Codima Toolbox one or more Subnets are entered to control the scope of the discovery. This is typically important for large networks. Note the subnets can be pre-checked by the user, using the system in a SNMP/Ping scan, together with a full SNMP MIB browser.

The discovery is started by clicking a button, and a Summary Report produced.

Discovery the Lowdown

A Discovery of the Network is required to be able to Create Inventory/ITIL and Network Mapping.

Other Benefits of a Discovery in Codima Toolbox

Discovery is also used in Codima Toolbox to automatically setup the Monitoring of the Network as it learns what devices and links are present. That allows the Discovery to be used to automatically poll and monitor the network. Other major features such as Alerts and Ticketing know which IP addresses are associated with which devices adding detail and organises Alerts internal (Codima Toolbox Generated such as CPU Overload, Slow Ping Reply, etc) and also external (Syslog and SNMP TRAPS).

A Codima Toolbox Web Map

The user has the option to combine results from one or more Probes through the Codima Toolbox GUI.
This automatically aggregates the result of the parallel Probe requests.