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Track hardware, software and users without agents

This Network Discovery Tool, automatically creates a detailed Inventory of Software and Hardware and without using Agents. With 17 years of development, the field proven discovery engine, discovers large and small networks automatically. The results are stored in a MySQL Database facilitating direct customer access, it discovers old and recent devices using its extensive network protocol repertoire and huge device library. Multiple different networks can be discovered and stored individually, even giving you access to each historical version of your Network Discoveries.

What is a Network Discovery

Discoveries are the basis of Codima Toolbox, that is why we have made them easy to complete.

The Codima Toolbox Discovery feature allows you to find computers, printers, routers, switches , etc. that are on your network and organise the information in an easily understood format. By enabling SNMP and/or WMI, your discoveries can become incredibly detailed and informative.

Uses of Network Discoveries

The performed Network Discoveries creates one or more databases that are used in all other features and functions that Codima Toolbox provides. Most notable are the Inventory, Web and Visio Maps and Monitoring features, allowing for detailed reports and summarization of the network(s).

Creating Network Discoveries

Creating network Discoveries is very simple and straight forward, after only a few clicks  you will be ready to go.

Discovery Scheduler

Set up automatic discoveries to avoid the repetitiveness of manually performing network discoveries by using the Discovery Scheduler.
The Discovery Scheduler allows you to choose how long you wish to wait between Discoveries, ranging from running them continuously to doing one every other month.
You are also given the option to decide at what time of day a Discovery should take place, and if you would like to run a second Discovery that same day.

Benefits of a Network Discovery

Discovery is also used in Codima Toolbox to automatically setup the Monitoring of the Network as it learns what devices and links are present. That allows the Discovery to be used to automatically poll and monitor the network. Other major features such as Alerts and Ticketing know which IP addresses are associated with which devices adding detail and organises Alerts internal (Codima Toolbox Generated such as CPU Overload, Slow Ping Reply, etc) and also external (Syslog and SNMP TRAPS).

Agentless Network Discovery

With Codima Toolbox’s incredibly advanced Discovery engine there is no need to install software agents onto your machines to discover all of the networks assets. Remove one of IT Asset Management’s largest obstacles and in doing so, saving both time and money.

Unrivaled Depth of Information

Consider Codima Toolbox your single source of information on hardware and software. Gather a complete and up-to-date overview to support all network-related tasks, projects, and decisions. Analyse your IT infrastructure and have all your information in one place and easily managed.
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