One architecture in one scalable product

Probes are used to extend the geographic reach of the Network Discovery. They can be viewed locally and also as part of Codima Toolbox Enterprise solution used to aggregate reporting. The probes operate in parallel giving true performance scalability and consistent access speeds. There is no limit to the number of Probes deployed. Live Maps and Live Monitoring can be viewed remotely, from multiple Probes on one pane of glass in real time. Giving a true enterprise view of ALL features in one or many more dashboards – which are totally configurable.

Operational Lowdown

A typical architecture is shown on the right side:

Although a Codima Toolbox system is shown as a Manager, any Codima Toolbox system is always both a Probe and Manager, giving unrivalled flexibility of deployment. It is for example possible for two systems to be a manager to the other system.

Data stays on the Codima Toolbox local Database, only Information at low traffic loading is exchanged between a Manager and a Probe, good for speedy transfers and low network loading.

Inter Probe communications use the XHTML protocol for minimal firewall issues and ease of deployment.

Software Architecture

Probe and managers use the same software and share the same installation procedure, making deployment an uncomplicated process. The software components are shown on the left.

The critical advantage of the Probe architecture is that Data stays Local and only Information is transferred between Codima Toolbox systems.
Additionally the Probes run in parallel, so a request for a whole enterprise view of ‘what Cisco Routers are near End of Support’, is processed at the same time on all the probes, greatly speeding up the process, and limiting the maximum retrieval time.

Probes accessed through Dashboards

Dashboards are the typical way of accessing Probe Reports like Alert Logs or remote Topology Maps. The Probe information is live and extracted from the Probe at display refresh time (automatically refreshed and/or on user request). Information from different Probes can be shown on the same dashboard.

Probes and Maps

Maps on Remote Probes can be viewed exactly the same as local maps. Critically all Live Indicators like Device Down, Software Violations and Alert Matchers are updated in real time on the Manager Codima Toolbox system.
A typical scenario would be a Dashboard showing multiple maps on multiple different Probes, showing Live status of the remote (and local if required) on the same pane of glass.

Probes and Inventory and ITIL

The user has the option to combine results from one or more Probes through the Codima Toolbox GUI.
This automatically aggregates the result of the parallel Probe requests. The results can be either a total value or broken down by Probe Name.