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You can’t protect what you don’t know you have. Learn why IT Discovery is a critical first step in every Cyber Security program.

Solution: Check if Software Patches Have been Applied

The system Discovers Software, Patches and Anti-Virus automatically. The SW and Security tab focusses the product on this area and setup Filters and Analytics to concentrate on this aspect.
Now we set a filter matching a specific patch to see which devices have been updated. Extra field matches could have been set to say match a particular Branch Office.

Solution: Show New Devices in a Sequential Discovery

Codima Toolbox keeps track of sequential discoveries of a named network. This allows comparisons to be made to check for new, and devices no longer present. This is shown on the Topology Maps in Compare Versions Mode.

The Codima Toolbox Filters can be used to match the first 3 bytes of a MAC address which identifies the equipment manufacturer. This may be useful. Matching the whole MAC address can identify known misplaced equipment. In this case we are tracking down a device with MAC 00670073945.

Solution: Look for Spyware like Protocol Analysers

Find potential threats from Passive Packet Capture Software like Win10Pcap using a Codima Toolbox Filter matching Software Name Win10Pcap.

Examine Windows Logs quickly and in one place. Sort and Filter within the Grid