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Worldwide Network Inventory, Mapping, and Monitoring

With Enterprise View, that overused expression ‘The World at One’s Fingertips’ can be made reality using Codima Toolbox Probes to span your entire Enterprise. The Enterprise View feature is the definition of scalability as it allows for worldwide network management from a single location.

Large Scale Networks

The feature Enterprise View delivers true scalability of deployment and performance extending Network Discovery, Inventory, Mapping, Monitoring on a large scale. The Enterprise view can cover locations worldwide. It is based on the concept of an Enterprise View which is edited by the user to create a collection of network views enabled by Network Discoveries.


Access Networks Worldwide

Any Network Discovery you perform can be on the local installation server or on remote Probes worldwide. Enterprise View combines these discoveries anyway the user chooses and produces analytics-based summation of these discoveries or shows them individually.

Scalable Enterprise Views

Creating and using Codima Toolbox’s Enterprise Views is a very simple process with its genuinely powerful and simple to use GUI. Simply by clicking Edit Enterprise Views you will be able to create custom views that support any number of Network Discoveries from any number of Probes.
By selecting one of these Views, you can aggregate all Discoveries in an Enterprise View into one summary or view them individually. This is incredibly helpful in conjunction with Toolbox’s Analyse Grid feature, giving you easy to understand, exportable graphs summarising information from your entire Enterprise. Codima Toolbox’s Probes use parallel operations to give you the quickest results possible.

Powerful Filter

Simply by deploying Probes anywhere you choose, in literally one-click, simple or incredibly sophisticated Filter Matches can be sent to any number of Probes, that will then Extract and Return matching, devices, software, patches, Anti-Virus Info and display in the genuinely powerful and simple to use GUI.

Parallel operation using One Architecture in One Scalable Product

Scalability is in the Codima Toolbox DNA, it naturally and effortlessly scales using its Probe Architecture consisting of typically low cost, but full featured Probes. Keeping Data Local and Information Global.

Find for example all the Windows 10 systems on the Paris, Stockholm, Rome, Sofia, Auckland, Buenos Aires, New Delhi sites either combined or broken down by Probe locations. Unlimited scalability as probes are fully self-contained storing Data and Delivering compact Information on-demand with parallel processing to assure fast results.
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