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System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Any PC/Server that runs the Toolbox software must meet or surpass the listed specifications below. Every Toolbox version has the same hardware requirements, and these are as follows:

Processor4 cores
Memory8GB 64-bit
Hard DriveFast hard drive, preferably an SSD

Software Requirements

The following table shows compatible operating systems for the three Toolbox versions offered.
If you decide to get a Toolbox license with Visio mapping capability then you have several options as to the version of Visio you can use. The table below shows Visio compatibility in relation to operating systems.

Windows 7Windows 10
Toolbox (All Versions)
Visio Professional 2019
Visio Standard 2019
Visio Professional 2016
Visio Standard 2016
Visio Professional 2013
Visio Standard 2013
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