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One architecture in one scalable product

Codima Toolbox is built up of Nine feature modules and a detailed description of each feature is found in each feature section.

Fundamental to Network Mapping and Network Monitoring is the Network Discovery. Learn what devices, software, and links are present. Save Time and Resources through automation.

Use Network Discovery and build the Network Inventory and Asset database of devices and software using dynamic searches and user updates. Save Time and Resources through automation.

Codima Toolbox is a Network Inventory and Network Discovery Tool that automatically creates a database inventory of Hardware and Software. To exploit the Network Audit, Codima Toolbox has a best in class Filtering and Analytics system just one click away. Hugely flexible and easy to understand with no limits on field types, including Custom Fields treated the same as standard fields, unlike other solutions.

Topology Maps are created automatically following the completion of network discovery. The Web Network Map is drawn very quickly in the native browser graphics language SVG. The devices can be dragged around, and the connecting links follow in real time. The draw speed is milliseconds for medium size maps and a second or two for very large maps. Drag editing is equally fast.

Visio Network Maps use the Microsoft Standard documentation package Visio. It is used by many organisations as a standard presentation and documentation format. Visio is a very flexible drawing package and well suited to documenting simple or complex network topologies.

A from the ground up, Integrated system (not a bolted-on package with a different GUI) that pulls together Alerts from Codima Toolbox Network Monitoring and External Alerts such as Syslog, and then Classifies and Presents them throughout the system including in Codima Toolbox Network Maps including Probes.

Codima Toolbox ITIL is a very powerful IT Asset Management tool adding details to a Network Discovery that can be used by Accounts, Engineers, Stock control and Network Support. The problem with many existing solutions is bureaucracy, and often need extensive training, by contrast Codima Toolbox is easy to use.

The Network Monitoring system is automated using the Codima Toolbox Network Discovery Engine as below. Both a fully automatic Adaptive Rules Based and manual Polling setup is available for maximum flexibility and scalability. The Network Monitoring engines are highly scalable using full multithreading and also staggered polling throughout the polling system to facilitate polling large networks and also spread network polling traffic loading.

Probes are used to extend the geographic reach of the Network Discovery. They can be viewed locally and also as part of Codima Toolbox Enterprise solution used to aggregate reporting.
The probes operate in parallel giving true performance scalability and consistent access speeds. There is no limit to the number of Probes deployed. Additionally, Live Maps can be viewed remotely.

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