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One architecture in one scalable product

The Network Monitoring system is automated using the Codima Toolbox Network Discovery Engine as below. Both a fully automatic Adaptive Rules Based and manual Polling setup is available for maximum flexibility and scalability. The Network Monitoring engines are highly scalable using full multithreading and also staggered polling throughout the polling system to facilitate polling large networks and also spread network polling traffic loading.

Device Monitoring Drill Down

By clicking on a device in the Codima Toolbox Map a GUI appears showing typically Monitored Values such as SNMP and ICMP Ping response time and availability.

Typical drill down for a Router.

Below a Windows Workstation.

Scan Your Entire Network in Seconds

Setting up Polling

The good news is that the system will automatically setup Polling based on Device Type matching and applying a standard Monitoring Template.
If the network changes the Polling will adjust to match new topology post Discovery.

Monitoring per Device means a per device drill down is available and the result is shown in the maps.

Software Violations Monitoring

It is important to quickly detect malware or software that should not be active on a sensitive Server like remote access software.
Similarly, it may be necessary to detect missing software on a machine such as anti-virus solutions.
An engine polls devices every 15 minutes looking for Processes and Services that are in violation of White or Black List rules.