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One architecture in one scalable product

Codima Toolbox ITIL is a very powerful IT Asset Management tool adding details to a Network Discovery that can be used by Accounts, Engineers, Stock control and Network Support. The problem with many existing solutions is bureaucracy, and often need extensive training, by contrast Codima Toolbox is easy to use.

ITIL Framework

Codima Toolbox’s ITIL Framework boosts productivity, visibility and addresses security concerns about deployed Software and Hardware. Our ITIL Framework transforms a typically tedious process into an almost fun task – as it is so sublimely easy to use. The Inventory system uses the Discovery Engine to populate the device database. An extensive list of fields is setup automatically by the Discovery Engine, however fields such as detailed Location, Suppliers, Monetary Values, Warranties, and device state like Scrapped or In Storage cannot be set automatically. They need to be setup by the user. Adding ITIL details to a device can be per device or updates any number of devices in one operation.

Updating Discoveries with ITIL

The Network Discovery tool performs a network audit and creates both a Software Audit plus a Hardware Audit in one operation. Codima Toolbox provides user interfaces making adding ITIL details a quick and simple operation. To update a single device then click on the underlined unit number in a row in the main grid.
To update Multiple Devices in one operation, simply select multiple rows in the grid, the Inventory Filters can be used to say select all the Cisco Routers of a particular model number then click the Update Devices button. In both cases, a comprehensive ITIL Edit window pops up as below. For example, a new batch of Switches may have been purchased. In one operation the Supplier, Support Details, Maintenance and Commercial details can be added. A very slick operation. Any number of field updates can be done in one operation.

Adding New Devices

New devices that were not discovered by the Discovery engine can be added very quickly using the popup accessed directly from the main GUI. This covers the case with equipment that is not discovered by the Discovery engine, maybe it is powered down or not actually a network asset such as a motor vehicle.