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One architecture in one scalable product


Benefits of a Network Inventory and Mapping Management Tool

Codima offers three modular Toolboxes all based on the Network Discovery. The first Toolbox handles everything around Network Inventory the second Toolbox ads Topology Maps in Web and Visio and the Third Toolbox ads Network Monitoring with Alert & Ticketing.

Discover accurate details about all hardware and software for Network Inventory details on a network, critically without using Agents. Helps users make informed decisions using reliable device data, with minimum effort, after a Network Discovery the Network Inventory is fully setup and ready to go. Keep track of all Network Devices, plus use ITIL to add extra devices in stock, in transit or failed and so not Discovered. Helps you budget and plan for additional devices, as you can export the entire device list in an Excel File which can easily be converted into a Word or PDF file. Map your Network Topology in Web and Visio. Provides real-time Device Monitoring using a fully scalable server-based Network Monitoring engine, rather than a browser plugin, with a fully automated rule-based setup. Saves time, increases reliability, and improves productivity, making device network management simple.

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Codima Toolbox is not limited to a single Network Discovery Database. Any number of unique Named Discoveries can be created, critically with Historical Versions being created on Re-Discovery of the same named network. These versions can be compared in the Network Web Maps to see additions and missing devices per Historical Discovery per named Database. The discovery engine has been used, tested, and updated for over 17 years, so it covers both new and old devices in its more than 20,000 device libraries. Any number of subnets can be defined to exactly control the Discovery Domain – a critical feature out in the field.

The backbone of the product is the Network Discovery to produce the detailed Network Inventory for hardware and software. This feature also has an extensive ITIL editor, that makes adding details like location, commercials, engineering details and much more very easy. This empowers accountancy, stocktake, engineering and security audits with maximum flexibility, rather than fixed canned reports as in other solutions, however Codima Toolbox can create a new saved report in one click. Following Network Discovery the organiser screen appears, simply click on Tabs to create a detailed breakdown on Devices, Commercial details, Software and Security or Service Dates.

Simply clicking on an underlined Unit ID U0004, give a full breakdown for a device. The User Updates Tab allows entry of all ITIL details in one place.

Key to examining and processing deep Network Inventory details is the ability to filter ALL FIELDS, be they Discovered, ITIL or Custom Fields created by the user. Custom fields function in every context the same as regular fields, Filters, Analytics, Reports, Grids – exactly the same, no limitations as in other products. A typical truly forensic Filter, matching Discovered, ITIL and Custom fields is below. The sophistication of the Filters means users have to write SQL code only as a very last resort, not the first resort as with competition solutions.

ITIL details are updated in one screen below, this can be done on just one device, (even from a Web Map drill) or 000s of devices in one operation.

Analysis and presentation of results in Dynamic Exportable Grids and Graphs makes truly deep, but intuitive, analysis a couple of clicks away. This feature typically works with the Filters system eg Show me the residual value of Printers in Room 101.

As with all features, the overwhelming amount of Network Inventory information is organised and distilled by the initial tabs selection as below.
On completion of a Network Discovery several Web Maps Types are created and automatically laid out by a Genetic  Algorithm. The maps are updated Live on Remote Probes.
A Layer 2 Tree Map
A map with a User Background Image.
Layer 2 Topology Map.
Layer 2 Tree Map
A Layer 2 map with a User Background Image
Some Map Live Animations reported by Syslog or a TRAP. Device Down and a Fan Failure then Windows Event and a Virus Detected.
The maps drill down directly to Inventory, Monitoring, Alerts, Ticketing and even a full SNMP Browser.

Get started and results in no time

Visio maps are created automatically when a Network Discovery completes. Visio is an industry standard documentation tool running over Windows. Many Map Formats are supported.
The Codima Toolbox solution is fully integrated with other features like Network Monitoring for Inputs and Network Maps as a live output display, plus fully curated Alert Logs, generally and per device.

Windows Event Logs are fully integrated too and feed the Ticketing System the same as other events such as Syslog or a Codima Toolbox Monitoring Breach.

Tickets are both Automatically and Manually generated and added to the Live Ticket processing.

Codima Toolbox automatically tracks the Tickets in a real time log per Ticket, or all live Tickets as below, showing New Tickets and Active Tickets. The Supervisor can directly intervene to modify the progress of a ticket.

A sophisticated system with a tiny setup GUI

The Network Monitoring system is automated using the Codima Toolbox Discovery Engine to the left. Both a fully automatic Adaptive Rules Based and manual Polling setup is available for maximum flexibility and scalability. Naturally, no browser plugins are required. Polling is from a fixed point on the Codima Toolbox Server, and continues 24/7, years long, in both per minute high resolution plus per 15 minutes for very long term monitoring. The Network Monitoring engines are highly scalable using full multithreading and also staggered polling throughout the polling system, to facilitate polling large networks and also spread network polling traffic loading.
There is a huge range of Monitored KPIs, for example;

There is a per device summary drill down. 

Software Violations Monitoring is included in the Network Monitoring module. It is important to quickly detect malware or software that should not be active on a sensitive Server like remote access software. Similarly, it may be necessary to detect missing software on a machine such as anti-virus solutions.

Find all the Windows 7 systems on the Paris, Stockholm, and Rome sites either combined or broken down by Probe locations. Unlimited scalability, as probes are fully self-contained storing Data and Delivering compact Information on-demand with parallel processing to assure fast results to a single pane of glass.