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How to renew license?

When purchasing a Codima Toolbox license, you agree to our subscription or perpetual product that will bill you at regular intervals or once. By default, your Codima Toolbox annual/subscription license and or maintenance agreement auto-renews on the interval of your purchase date, which for most customers is every year. However, auto-renewal can be deactivated should you prefer a one-off subscription or renewing manually. You can deactivate your auto-renewal or by contacting us via this form.

How to renew your current annual/ subscription licenses or maintenance agreement?

When your annual/subscription’s and/or maintenance agreement auto-renewal is active, the billing contact will receive an automated e-mail with renewal instructions approximately 60 days prior to your license’s or maintenance agreements expiration date. At that time, you can choose to renew or cancel your subscription or maintenance agreement. If you renew your subscription you will receive a new license key that you can apply to your Codima Toolbox installation. The maintenance will continue when renewed for a new agreed period.

If your auto-renewal is deactivated, you will not receive any renewal reminders prior to your license or maintenance expiration. The  Codima Toolbox will notify you once your license has expired. You can initiate the renewal process by contacting us via this form.

When renewing, please keep the following in mind:

The pricing on the website at any given time does only apply for new subscriptions and new perpetual licenses as well as for new maintenance agreements.

Our system does not allow you to renew early, as this could cause an overlap between your old and new license keys.

How to receive a quote or an invoice for your renewal?

When your subscription or maintenance is active, the billing contact receives an e-mail with all the needed renewal information approximately 60 days prior to the license’s expiration date.


Should you need an actual quote, please fill in this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please include your license’s or maintenance reference number when doing so, to improve the speed and efficiency of this process. Your reference number can be found on any billing-related document.


By default, an invoice is automatically sent to the billing contact when the purchase and renewal are completed. In case you’d need an invoice prior to payment, please forward a copy of your purchase order to [email protected]. Please ensure that this document is on company letterhead, and includes: your order reference number, your billing contact information, the product name at the correct renewal price.

Renewing a subscription license or maintenance agreement started by your reseller or partner

If your auto-renewal remained active, your reseller or partner will receive an automated e-mail with renewal instructions approximately  60 days prior to your subscription’s or maintenance agreement date. Note that any billing-related e-mails are only sent to your reseller/partner, not to you directly.

To verify the status of your renewal, contact your reseller or partner. If you are unsure of what your reseller’s contact details are, please contact us via this form. We will inform you of which e-mail address we have on file.