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Track hardware, Software and Users

Codima Network Inventory Toolbox is an Agentless Network Discovery and Network Inventory tool that acts as a Hardware Inventory System and Hardware Asset Management Software.
The Toolbox GUI is very compact with no complex menu drill-downs. A layered tabbed structure automatically organizes Asset views. The Toolbox is ready to go directly following a Network Discovery with no extra configuration necessary.
The scalability has no limit as using Probes. Each Probe runs in parallel to any request.
The ITIL information is available through Enterprise View.
The Toolbox documents and enables deep exploration of the MySQL asset dbase using a consistent and compact interface that makes the product easy to use. It primarily uses the database created by a Network Discovery, the ITIL functionality allows a host of extra details to be added including adding extra devices. The Network Discovery can be scheduled and supports any number of Discoveries plus Historical Versions.

This Network Discovery Tool, automatically creates a detailed Inventory of Software and Hardware and without using Agents. With 17 years of development, the field proven discovery engine, discovers large and small networks automatically. The results are stored in a MySQL Database facilitating direct customer access, it discovers old and recent devices using its extensive network protocol repertoire and huge device library. Multiple different networks can be discovered and stored individually, even giving you access to each historical version of your Network Discoveries.

Uses Of Network Discoveries

The performed network Discoveries creates one or more databases that are used in all other features and functions that Codima Toolbox provides. Most notable are the Inventory, Web and Visio Maps and Monitoring features, allowing for detailed reports and summarization of the network(s). Learn More

Scan Your Entire Network in Seconds

Codima Toolbox is a Network Discovery Tool that automatically creates an Inventory database of Hardware and Software assets in your network to help you keep track of all your IT assets in one place. To exploit the network audit, Codima Toolbox has a best-in-class Filtering and Analytics system just one click away. Hugely flexible and easy to understand with no limits on field types, including Custom Fields treated the same as standard fields, unlike other solutions.
One of the most time-consuming tasks for any IT professional is keeping up to date with all their network assets. By using Codima Toolbox you will no longer need to manually gather information about each network asset, Toolbox is one architecture in one scalable product allowing for Enterprises of all sizes. Once a Network Discovery has been completed you get, an accurate Enterprise view of your IT Inventory consisting of all your networks devices along with all software, which is created automatically.
Codima Toolbox ITIL is a very powerful IT Asset Management tool adding details to a Network Discovery that can be used by Accounts, Engineers, Stock control and Network Support. The problem with many existing solutions is bureaucracy, and often need extensive training, by contrast Codima Toolbox is easy to use.

ITIL Framework

Codima Toolbox’s ITIL Framework boosts productivity, visibility and addresses security concerns about deployed Software and Hardware. Our ITIL Framework transforms a typically tedious process into an almost fun task – as it is so sublimely easy to use. The Inventory system uses the Discovery Engine to populate the device database. An extensive list of fields is setup automatically by the Discovery Engine, however fields such as detailed Location, Suppliers, Monetary Values, Warranties, and device state like Scrapped or In Storage cannot be set automatically. They need to be setup by the user with the ITIL Framework.
With Enterprise View, that overused expression ‘The World at One’s Fingertips’ can be made reality using Codima Toolbox Probes to span your entire Enterprise. The Enterprise View feature is the definition of scalability as it allows for worldwide network management from a single location.
The feature Enterprise View delivers true scalability of deployment and performance extending Network Discovery, Inventory, Mapping, Monitoring on a large scale. The Enterprise view can cover locations worldwide. It is based on the concept of an Enterprise View which is edited by the user to create a collection of network views enabled by Network Discoveries.
The Probes Architecture is used to extend the geographic reach of the Network Discovery through an entire Enterprise. They can be viewed locally and as part of Codima Toolbox Enterprise solution used to aggregate reporting. The Probes operate in parallel giving true performance scalability and consistent access speeds. There is no limit to the number of Probes deployed. Live Web Maps and Live Monitoring can be viewed remotely, from multiple Probes on one pane of glass in real time giving a true enterprise view.

Parallel Operations

Probes and managers use the same software and share the same installation procedure, making deployment an uncomplicated process. The critical advantage of the Probe architecture is that data stays local and only information is transferred between Codima Toolbox systems. Additionally, the Probes run parallel operations, so a request for a whole enterprise view of ‘what Cisco Routers are near End of Support’, is processed at the same time on all the Probes, greatly speeding up the process, and minimising the retrieval time.