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Deployment Scenarios

1/ Combining Discoveries on a Single Installation

This is a scenario where a single Enterprise View Manager splits up one or more Networks into multiple Discoveries (Databases), possibly to reduce per Discovery time or to limit Database sizes. Alternatively, separate Discoveries are required because the Discoveries use individual IP Ranges, which could be overlapping in which case separate Discoveries are a necessity.

2/ Using Multiple Probes

There are several advantages to using multiple probes. Full parallel processing both during the Network Discovery Process plus equally importantly, the ability to Process Inventory Display Requests, such as a simple or very sophisticated Inventory Explorer Filter to be executed on all Discoveries in the View.  There can be any number of Views, with combined or separate reports.

3/ Geographically Distributed Probes and Discoveries

Above is a typical Geographically distributed system. The blue circles represent Views that have been set up in the Enterprise View Manager. The views can focus on a Region, Building or Campus. There can be a highly localised View say of one Building for one User, and perhaps another View for all the Discoveries.