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Installation of Toolbox

Installation – if no previous version of Toolbox software installed

The following section describes installing Toolbox on a machine that has not had Toolbox software installed before. The installer will also upgrade existing Toolbox software systems to the latest version. If upgrading simply run the installer after stopping the Toolbox software. 

The installer uses the industry standard InstallShield process and a complete walk-through of the installation process can be found in the section PRODUCT INSTALLATION STEP BY STEP.

Many Antivirus programs will interfere with installation, so disable temporarily during Install. Be aware that key messages can sometimes be hidden by the current installation display window; check the bottom Windows Icon Bar for messages that can block installation. 

After completing the download, click on the CodimaSetup.exe program icon to launch the installer.  All the default options should be accepted. Windows may warn at several stages ‘Do you want the following program to make changes to this computer’ always click on the Yes button. 

During the installation process and when Toolbox is first run, Security Firewall unblock messages will also need to be accepted.

Depending on your Operating System up to 6 prerequisites are installed before running the main Toolbox installer. These are: 

  1. Bitnami WAMP Stack New 
  2. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
  3. Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package (x86)
  4. Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package (x86)
  5. MySQL Connector ODBC 3.51.30
  6. Win10PCap.

The Bitnami WAMP Stack Setup Wizard will install a Windows Apache HTTP Server, a MySQL database server and PHP.    

MySQL password 

During the Bitnami Setup you are prompted to enter a MySQL Password.  

It is very important to enter a secure Password.  

Please make a note of the password as it will be needed when Toolbox is first started.

The three Visual C++ prerequisites are ‘silent’ installs with no interaction needed.  MySQL Connector ODBC and Win10Pcap Setup wizards will install the database link and low-level network packet drivers required by Toolbox.

The Toolbox Setup Wizard now starts.  

Simply accept the ‘License Agreement’ and click the Next button throughout the wizard. 

Be warned, if one delays too long with responses, the Installer may exit. Click on the Installer program again to resume.

Do not click on anything if install is slow, please be patient and wait until installation has completed.

Click on the Finish button to complete the install. 

You may be prompted to restart your system, please do restart before running Toolbox.

Update Install

Exit Toolbox on the Server using the bottom system tray Blue Icon to select Exit and then run the new installer.

When you first run Toolbox after an update you may need to clear the Web browser cache for the GUI to be displayed correctly.  On Chrome press Ctrl + F5 to clear the cache.

Complete Uninstall – will delete existing discoveries/statistics and other information 

This will totally destroy any existing discoveries or other information.

Exit Toolbox and open the 32-bit version of Odbcad32.exe (on a 64-bit system this is located in the C:WindowsSysWoW64 folder) and remove all System DSN’s associated with Toolbox.  This includes Codima and your discovery database names.

Via Control PanelPrograms and Features uninstall Bitnami WAMP Stack, Toolbox and Win10Pcap and then delete the associated program folders, then restart the machine.

Default Program file paths on a 64-bit machine are:

C:Bitnami, C:Program Files (x86)Codima, and C:Program Files (x86)Win10Pcap

Optionally delete the file.

Important :

Make sure that you use the LATEST licence file the one that is called That is because if you have multiple downloaded licenses, then later versions will be in the format Codima.License(NN).zip which will NOT be used by the installer. So please rename the latest License file to If a ZIP extractor comes up after downloading the file – please exit the extract program. The file could have been downloaded into your Downloads folder, if that is the case it is important to copy the file into your Documents folder.


This section is a complete sequence of Toolbox product v14 Install Setup Screens with added yellow highlighter mark-up. Folder Paths will vary for installs on 64-bit platforms.

Figure 3: Toolbox Setup starts with a list of Prerequisites.  These are software components required to be installed before the main Toolbox Setup starts.

Figure 4: First Prerequisite – the Bitnami Setup Starts

Figure 5: Click Next for the Bitnami Component PhpMyAdmin

Figure 6: Next Bitnami Install path

Figure 7: Important to make a note of the MySQL password entered

Figure 8: Click Next

Figure 9: Click Next

Figure 10: Bitnami Setup now runs…

Figure 11: towards the end of Bitnami setup Allow Firewall Access

Figure 12: Bitnami successfully installed – Untick Launch & Finish

Figure 13: After the 3 C++ Redistributable Packages install silently, MySQL Connector ODBC setup now starts, click Next.

Figure 14: Accept the license agreement and click Next

Figure 15: Choose Typical, Click Next

Figure 16: Click Install

Figure 17: MySQL Connector Installing

Figure 18: MySQL Connector setup complete, Click Finish

Figure 19: Win10Pcap setup now starts.  Click Next…

Figure 20: Accept the license agreement

Figure 21: Click Next

Figure 22: Click Install

Figure 23: Tick Always Trust and click Install

Figure 24: Win10Pcap Installed click Finish. 

Figure 25: Toolbox  Setup starts click Next

Figure 26: Tick Accept and click Next

Figure 27: Click Next

Figure 28: Click Install

Figure 29: Setup in progress..

Figure 30: Toolbox  Setup completed, click Finish

Figure 31: If prompted restart your machine now by clicking Yes

Figure 32: Place your in your Document Library

Figure 33: Run the product from the Product Desktop shortcut icon

First Time only

Figure 34: First time only – License Changed confirmation, click Close

Figure 35: First time only – Allow Firewall access

Figure 36: First time only – Create the Codima MySQL database entering the password you made a note of earlier during the Bitnami Setup and click OK

Figure 37: After a minute or two the Toolbox Login Page opens in your browser. 

Default User Name = Admin password = admin.

Figure 38: The first time you run a Network Discovery from a new install of Toolbox you need to accept TWO Windows Firewall unblock messages.