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Integrate Toolbox with other Management System

The Toolbox system can work as a Standalone or Distributed System with Probes.The Live Web Maps can be used to add a Live and Replay Visual overview of the network status, taking in Alerts from the existing management system thru Traps or Syslog to Update the Web maps. Job Ticketing, similarly, can take in Alerts to drive a Toolbox Alert Triage and add full specification Job Ticketing system.The various Toolbox Security features can be added to an existing system, for instance processing Security Alerts from an existing IPS system to display events and status on the Live Maps or maybe drive Job Ticketing.For some large, centralized management systems, it may not be economic to monitor certain network locations due to poor or expensive upload speeds to the central server. Toolbox offers a very low-cost monitoring solution using tiny network bandwidth and a free Server as it uses free MySQL server.Toolbox Alerts system supports Event Translation and Forwarding. This can be used as a utility to an existing management system to send Syslog or Traps to other management platforms. That is following Language or Obscure Jargon Translation. It can also convert from for example Syslog messages to SNMP Traps.Contact your local support for details on how to integrate.

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